19th National Congress of SASOP, CSIR, Pretoria 21-24 September 2018

Invitation from the President of SASOP, Prof Bernard Janse van Rensburg

I am very pleased to invite you to the 19th National Congress of the South African Society of Psychiatrists, this time with the theme “Professional Psychiatric Practice: Medical, Socio-Economic and Cultural Perspectives.” The meeting will therefore be another opportunity to focus on promoting professional specialist practice in both the public and private care environments, as part of South African Psychiatry's ongoing social contract.

The meeting will also reflect on the recent increased efforts and profile of psychiatrists and other mental health care professionals to take up their role as mental health care advocates for acceptable standards of care and for the protection of the human rights of people living with mental illness. The three tracks of the congress: “Medical”, “Socio-economic” and “Cultural” aim at re-emphasizing neuropsychiatry and consultation-liaison as the core business of clinical Psychiatry, at identifying practical approaches to ensure adequate service programs are implemented despite limited resources, as well as at incorporating the importance of the specific cultural-religious context in which psychiatric problems present on a daily basis. In addition, an active early career program will also be integrated in all the activities of the meeting.

We trust therefore that this program will provide a sufficiently broad agenda to address all the issues currently facing South African Psychiatry. We are looking forward to meeting up with you for this purpose during the 2018 Heritage Day long-weekend in September in Pretoria/Tswane.

With best regards,

Invitation from Dr Frans Brink

Dear Colleagues

After four years since our last SASOP National Congress in Durban, the SASOP Free State Subgroup is pleased to invite you to Pretoria/Tshwane in 2018 for the 19th Biennial SASOP National Congress, which will be held from the 21st to 24th September, at the CSIR conference facility with the theme of “Professional Psychiatric Practice in Medical, Socio-economic and Cultural Contexts”

We aim to offer valuable insights and updates on professional psychiatric practice in both public and private sector environments, through active delegate involvement and several important national and international speakers. As before, our National Congress is planned with South African psychiatrists in mind, who work in a range of different settings, but also considers the interests of other mental health care practitioners in the multidisciplinary team.

Our focus will be on providing an excellent academic program in three contextual tracks - Medical, Socio-economic and Cultural, consisting of plenary lectures, symposia, strategic business sessions, relevant workshops, individual and poster presentations, as well as an active early career program. Our social program will give delegates a chance to engage, network and share, while rediscovering different historic and other landmark sites in the city.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Dr Frans Brink
Chair SASOP Free State Subgroup
Chair Organizing Committee SASOP 2018 National Congress